Residential Demolition

DC Demo Solutions  are here to help you through the demolition process. Our directors and crew have over 20 years experience in the demolition industry and we use this knowledge to make the process as smooth as possible for the client. With our larger excavators knocking your house and clearing the site a full house demolition can be completed in a matter of days.  

Above: House window - Before demolition

Above: House window - After demolition, view from outside

Full / Partial House Demolition

Above: House window - After demolition, view from inside

Left: one of our supervisor, Mark, in action

As well as full house demolition we also do a lot of inner city partial house demolitions. There are often parts of these works that require our unrestricted demo license. We have a team that is highly skilled in all aspects of structural propping and working with our structural engineers we can design the propping needed to complete your new home design.

Structural propping work

Structural propping work

As there are a lot of height restrictions on homes in around the city we find ourselves doing more underpinning work.  More and more people are adding value to their homes by putting a new room or floor under their houses. By working to structural engineers specifications we can support the existing footings allowing us to excavate deeper and create that new space.

For these tight access jobs we have 1t and 1.7t excavators which can fit down small pathways and even through doorways when necessary.

Once the demo is complete we can dig the strip/pad footings. These small excavators have also been used in the building of retaining walls and for swimming pool excavations.

Structural Propping / Underpinning

Above: Small excavator digging strip/pad footing

Below: small pathways require small exacavators

Above: small doorways require our 1t and 1.7f excavators


Commercial Demolition

Working with some of Sydneys largest fitout companies, our aim is to provide a professional and reliable service whatever the job. We have carried out many commercial strip-outs. Working in many high traffic and sensitive areas like shopping centres, schools and hospitals we are used to the demands of carrying out demolition in a relatively dust free and low noise environment.

Above: Hazmat removal is a big part of every demolition project

Below: An excavator at work in one of our commercial structural demolition projects.

Hazmat Removal

Commercial Strip-Outs

We also carry out a lot of commercial structural demolition. A lot of this work requires our unrestricted demo license, such as any structural demo on buildings over 4 storeys high.

Any demo works involving a crane also require the unrestricted license and our highly skilled team is used to delicate crane jobs. We also do a lot of structural penetrations. Working with our structural engineers we can design the A-frame propping and catch deck. We will then install the propping and cut out the concrete in blocks.


We are fully licensed to carry out this works and do truncation work on PT slabs also.

Structural Penetration

Below: structural cable penetration


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