Excavation & Site Preparation

Here at DC Demo Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality excavation and site preparation services. With over 20 years’ experience in the demolition industry, no project is too big or too small for our professional team. We have excavators in varying sizes to cater to each project's different scale and needs.


Our small 1t and 1.7t excavators are perfect for fitting into tight spaces to carry out small commercial or residential excavation with precision and ease. By using the right excavators for the task, we don’t waste time in tackling your tricky excavation jobs. Our excavators range in size, up to excavators that can handle demolition and ground excavation on a much bigger scale.

Below: Our small 1t and 1.7t excavators are perfect for fitting into tight spaces to carry out small commercial or residential excavation.

Above: we have different sized excavator to suit your different needs and to fit in small spaces like pathways

Top-Quality Excavation

DC Demo Solutions is also an expert on heritage excavation works around Sydney. Our professional team has the skills and knowledge of the special and specific requirements of these sites because we know we are dealing with fragile, sensitive materials. We include allowances in our prices for minor restorative works. The finest care, precision, detail and appropriate haste is taken in the process. 

Above, right and below: DC's heritage excavation works in Surry hills. Buildings and sewer system date back to 1830’s. 

Heritage Excavation

Working alongside some of Sydney’s leading construction and fit-out companies, DC Demo Solutions is an experienced provider of site preparation services, including excavation and the removal of hazardous materials, such as lead paint and asbestos.


Our team of professional safety experts are able to identify potential hazards when preparing your site. Our years of experience finding and identifying the presence of lead paint and other hazards means we can act first and remove them cleanly and safely before it becomes a problem for your site or workers. DC Demo Solutions' quick and clean lead paint removal service could save your site from extensive delays that could result if the hazard isn’t detected before work begins.


Let DC Demo Solutions help ensure the quality of your site by providing thorough and efficient excavation and site removal services.


DC Demo Solutions offers a wide range of services in relation to excavation works which includes piling  and sleeving works. Piling is an essential part of any construction / demolition project as it provides the support and foundation needed for any building structure. Whether it is a residential, commercial or civil project, our DC team does it with ease and precision!

Above: DC Demo Solutions' piling work in progress at one of our Sydney's inner eastern suburb civil demolition project. 

Above: Before & After of piers in progress. After piers are poured, ground is brought down to the correct height.


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